Enrico Silva opened is first art gallery in Venice in 1920. His son Tullio followed suit in 1935, establishing a Gallery in the Venetian Saint Stae school. He dedicated himself to tracking down and acquiring lacquered furniture.

Having won acclaim as an antique dealer, Tullio subsequently moved to Milan in the post-war period to set up a Gallery in the elegant Quadrilateral district where he remained until his passing in 1979. Among his clients were renowned collectors of Venetian lacquer including illustrious figure such as Maria Callas, Paulette Goddard and E.M. Remarque. To this day Tullio’s name is cited in many art books and attests to his authority in the field.

The Silva family, with four generations in antique dealership, is synonymous with the lacquered furniture of splendid Venetian palaces. These elegant pieces contrast masterfully with the natural wood and ornate stucco walls of the 18th century. They represent the essence of beauty and directly highlight the aesthetics of the period.

Gallery Silva is currently located in Via Borgospesso 12 in Milan. It is committed to futhering its role in the conservation and research of artistic patrimony with the same passion that has always distinguished the family business. The Gallery continues to involve enthusiasts and collectors alike in themed exhibitions on-site and partecipates in various international antique fairs.

Via Borgospesso 12
20121 Milano

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Tuesday to Saturday: 10:30 am/1:00 pm – 15:00 pm/19:00 pm
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